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Helping busy families prepare for one of life’s most important journeys.


Your family’s unique and your support should be too.

Bump Bestie offers expecting families trusted advice in navigating the overwhelming world of all things baby. By redefining baby prep for the modern parent, Bump Bestie takes a holistic approach when working with clients to combine education, mindful product curation and personalized resources.

Our Services

The best kind of Bestie there is.

If you need help determining what products and resources you need to prepare for your baby’s arrival but have no idea where to start, this is for you.

Bump Bestie will work with you to determine your needs based on your values, lifestyle, circumstances and budget.


Baby Planning

From sourcing the best non-toxic products for a safe nursery environment to building an entire registry from scratch and more, Bump Bestie takes the guesswork out of preparing while providing families with peace of mind.

Gear Consulting

With dozens of categories and thousands of products, Bump Bestie makes sense of what you need (and what you don’t!). By setting up your registry, it’s one less thing to worry about on your to-do list.

Maternity Concierge

It truly does take a village to raise a child! Bump Bestie will help you anticipate and think through your pre and postnatal options prior to your baby’s arrival by providing access to its extensive network of specialists or research based on your needs.

Non-Toxic Living Consulting

Pregnancy is an ideal time to reflect on your home environment and to make healthy changes. Bump Bestie works to educate on ways to detox the home and minimize chemical exposure when purchasing products and setting up a nursery.

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Say hello to your Bump Bestie.

I started Bump Bestie to ease the stress of busy families during one of life’s toughest and most exciting journeys: Becoming a parent! Supporting every path to parenthood, I work to guide families through the unfamiliar while celebrating inclusivity and choice.

How it Works

You just focus on growing your family and we'll do the rest.

You've bought a few books, your friends are giving you a ton of advice and you're spending an inordinate amount of time Googling everything you can think of and now you're just overwhelmed and quite frankly, confused.

Bump Bestie's here to help!


Get to know you

Fill out our lifestyle survey and we’ll set up a preliminary call to answer any questions and to discuss your unique needs.

Select a Service

With various levels of support available, choose from one of our popular, existing plans or create a custom plan from scratch.

Schedule a Consultation

Wondering which plan to pick or have questions about ways we can work together? We’ll cover all of that in our initial call!

Rest Easy

Literally. Whether it’s in-person or virtual support, you can stop the second-guessing, the late night Googling and relax!

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Happy Clients

Help is just a text, phone call or video chat away.

Bump Bestie is based in Los Angeles and available for in-person support. Not local or prefer to get help from the comfort of your couch? Consultations and services are also available online.

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