Meet Molly.


I knew after having my son, Britt that I had found my calling.

Unfulfilled in my previous life as a marketer, I knew I wanted to support families in some way. I found out I was pregnant in business school and was immediately consumed with finding the right baby products for my family.  I found myself going down these online rabbit holes spending a ton of time Googling, trying to make sense of Amazon reviews and asking friends for advice - all with different opinions, of course! Not only was it overwhelming, but I felt more confused than ever. The idea that most people worked all day and then had to come home and spend hours online researching and learning about what they need was crazy to me. There had to be an easier way.



I started Bump Bestie to as a way to provide busy, expecting families with an ultra convenient, no-fuss approach to baby prep that is less confusing and time consuming.

I feel truly blessed that my journey to motherhood has led to my passion supporting parents and has allowed me to pursue meaningful work making even a small difference in the most important event of a family’s life.

I support any path to parenthood including people seeking to become parents via adoption or surrogacy; lesbian, gay and transgender parents; first time, second time (and more!) parents and single moms and dads while providing 100% judgement-free support celebrating inclusivity and choice.

More about me!

When I’m not busy being a Bestie you can find me sipping Arnold Palmer’s, watching ridiculous true crime tv series and jamming out to 90s on 9 radio!