What’s a Baby Planner?

The term “baby planner” is a new one for most and the metaphor I like to use to describe the importance of one is that it’s similar to many of the essential experts one hires in their lives. For example, you hire a wedding planner to help plan your wedding, you may work with a financial planner to plan for your future or you may even hire a personal trainer to help you get into shape. The real question is why wouldn’t you hire a baby planner to help prepare you for the most important event in your life?

What’s your most popular plan?

Hands down my most popular plan is Bestie With Benefits. This is a great plan option for people that are busy or people that just don’t have the time to spend googling, reading reviews and creating spreadsheets - saving you a ton of time because let’s be honest, you have more important things to worry about!

Due to many requests, I’ve recently been working with clients to offer them a Registry Review. This is a great option for families who have already created their registry or shopping list and just need an fresh pair of eyes to review and provide feedback and alternatives to their lists.

I notice that you specialize in creating a non-toxic nursery environment. What does that mean?

Being pregnant and having my son really inspired me to make healthier choices in the home. Learning about many of the harmful chemicals that are commonly found in baby products made me want to make better choices and I felt responsible in getting that information out to more families. Whether that’s finding a safer crib and mattress, car seat, diapers, furniture or clothing, there are safer alternatives along with tips and tricks to make your home a healthy and happy environment.

If I’m interested in your services, do I have to pick from one of your plans?

My plans are suggested bundles based on my most popular requests but you are by no means limited to those options. I have lots of clients who request custom services based on their needs.  That’s what my Custom Bestie Plan is for! Need something that you don’t see available? Just ask! We’ll make it happen!

Can we still work together if I’m not having a baby shower?

Definitely! I frequently work with clients who aren’t having a baby shower but still need help deciding what they need or have already had a shower and need help figuring out what they’re missing or should return or exchange.  Reach out and let’s talk about your needs!

I live in Los Angeles - are you able to work with me in-person if preferred?

Absolutely! I love opportunities to interact with parents and believe that there is a real benefit to supporting clients in person if it’s an option. One of my biggest requests for in-person services is gear assembly and demonstrations. Live outside of Los Angeles but still prefer in-person support? Get in touch to discuss!

I live outside of Los Angeles, can I still work with you?

Yes! I’ve created my plans to be able to support clients virtually - wherever they’re located. Consultations are conducted over video conference and am available to communicate via phone, text and email.

How long is the process of working together from start to finish?

It varies depending on the plan or services you need. I’m typically able to deliver based on client deadlines and requests which range anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks.

What if I’m in need of something not listed on your services page?

Just ask! If I’m not able to accommodate the request, I’ll find you someone who can.