© 2018 Daniela Rey | www.mamaniela.co

© 2018 Daniela Rey | www.mamaniela.co


I knew after having my son, Britt, that I wanted to support families - whether they were expecting, adopting or had little ones at home already. When I was pregnant, I was completely consumed with finding the right baby products for my family and I spent the majority of my time Googling or I’d ask friends for advice. Not only was it overwhelming, but I spent hours researching and sifting through an oversaturated and ever-changing baby market.

Realizing that “one-size-doesn’t-fit-all,” I started Bump Bestie to help expecting families through one of life’s toughest and most exciting journeys: becoming a parent – by providing comprehensive support to make the transition into parenthood less confusing and time consuming. With a focus on non-toxic and eco-friendly products, I work to guide and empower families through the unfamiliar by providing personalized product recommendations and tips for creating a safe nursery and home environment.

Becoming a mother has allowed me to find an amazing way to pursue meaningful work while being present as a mother and I’m truly blessed to empower a community and provide 100% judgement-free support celebrating inclusivity and choice.

I support any path to parenthood including people seeking to become parents via adoption or surrogacy; lesbian, gay and transgener parents; first time, second time (and more!) parents and single moms and dads.

I am truly honored to have the opportunity to support you!